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The Butterfly Tree or Transformation within our Life Journey
Kate Hocken, Counsellor
​​Kate's Story
Kate is the very proud single mother of two beautiful boys. Kate's older son has extensive medical issues and special needs, whilst her younger son was born with a rare and debilitating skin condition. Despite their significant issues, Kate's boys have a zest for life that she can only but admire. It was her boys who inspired Kate to pursue a career in counselling. 
Kate Hocken, Counsellor, Eternal Health Centre
Before moving to Leongatha, Kate became passionately involved with the special needs community in Melbourne. This time involved, amongst other things, counselling families and individuals, public speaking, board member of a school for hearing impaired children, fund raising and lobbying the goverment for assistance.
Kate was lucky enough to have lived in India for three years, and whilst there travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. To be exposed to, and live amongst, such a myriad of cultures, histories and religions was certainly an amazing education - not just for her boys, but for Kate as well. Kate understands personal struggles. She has survived the heartbreak of a broken marriage and a serious illness that she contracted whilst in India. 
​​Kate has managed, along her path, to study a Master's Degree in Counselling along with many short courses in counselling therapies and concepts. Studying counselling at a post graduate level has further helped cement Kate's experiences in life and has provided her with the tools to pass on this knowledge to others who may be struggling to travel their own journey.